Ways To Add Custom Accessories To Ute Trays

September 27, 2016

People have a number of reasons for choosing to use utility vehicles, including recreational activities, farming, commercial businesses like landscaping, electricians, HVAC, plumbing, carpentry, general contracting, and so much more. Each individual has their own unique needs and requirements that go along with the purpose for which they intend to use the truck. One can customise their Ute trays by adding various accessories which can improve organisation, increase storage, and make its use more efficient and practical.

Ways To Add Custom Accessories To Ute Trays

Ute trays are a primary utility vehicle accessory that is placed behind the cab, and above the wheels, to form a flat basis for all other accessories to be applied, as a way of customising one’s truck. This deck style construction offers many flexible options for creating a customised design, including tool boxes, ladder racks, drawers, canopies, and more, meant to enhance functionality, create organisation, and maximise cargo capacity. They are built of strong, durable materials that are intended to last through the roughest of jobs and to withstand even extreme hot, cold, dry, or wet, weather conditions.

The main concept of these products is that a flat platform can increase the amount of room one has for storage of equipment and supplies, and it can be fitted with various accessories to fit one’s needs. Most designs will feature drop-down, removable sides and a tailgate which makes it easier for individuals to place items onto the bed, or to take them off, without having to lift much. Ute trays usually have a checker plate design on the flooring because it not only keeps cargo from sitting in water since the recessed grooves will take the liquid away, but they also provide a surface that is less slippery, lessening the chances of accident when one has need to walk upon it.

Another option people have for Ute trays is to install step rails that will make it easier to get in and out of the cargo area. This convenience can be especially useful when needing to load, or unload bulky items to or from the bed, because it allows a person to get a more practical vantage point that will require less strain and awkward positioning. These stairs are generally placed either at the corners of the tray, along the sides, or at the rear.

Many models come with a headband loop to protect the cab, often featuring a welded mesh panel which may be inserted, or removed, at one’s convenience, though it provides additional safety measures for the rear window. Many people opt to install ladder racks on their Ute trays as a means of transporting longer objects such as ladders, lumber, and pipes, which would normally extend beyond the edges of the cargo space. These items not only keep equipment from sliding around, but they also guard the roof of the cab from being scratched or dented, while maximising the overall amount of storage capacity on the truck.

Most universal Ute trays come with multiple places in which one may utilise tie belts, though a lot of owners choose to customise the placement of such accessories. A person may opt to have up to 8 individual rings placed at various locations on the bed to fit their individual circumstances, or they might prefer to have rails affixed along the side for more versatile usage. Since the tray is generally set higher up on the truck, some find it beneficial to install drawers underneath the edge, which makes a convenient place to store the straps and fasteners whenever they are not in use, as well as safety equipment like flares, jacks, flares, jumper cables, and other such items.

Perhaps one of the most popular accessories that many people find to be an essential component of Ute trays, is a customised toolbox of a design that fits the nature of their purposes. These items are available in a huge array of styles and sizes, and can be used to house many things, including tools and equipment, or camping and recreational gear. They can protect the contents against damage from the weather or theft as they are outfitted with rubber seals locks, and have the option to add removable trays, gas container compartments, small storage bins, shelving, and more.

The ability to fully customise the cargo space to fit one’s personal preferences and needs, and to maximise the functionality and efficiency of the vehicle, is one reason Ute trays are such an attractive option. Those individuals who use their truck for heavy duty activities can even install tow bars which can be fitted with hitches or winches. This combined with the choice to install accessories like drawers, tool boxes, mud flaps, ladder racks, headband loops, mesh inserts, tie downs, side rails, tailgates, or tow bars, show just how versatile and flexible these flat decks can be.