The Ideal Filter System For The Modern-Day Kitchen

June 20, 2016

From the beginning of civilization, man has been developing water filter systems. We started with the sand and gravel and have now reached huge water osmosis plants. This gradual shift has occurred not just because of advancement in technical expertise, but also because of the gradual rise in pollution of the basic necessity of water. An increase in pollution has naturally called for scientists to explore possibilities that can keep water pure. The most simple water purification technology that is used daily in homes is the water filter cartridge. This small instrument is the heart of any filter system. Its ability to pull out impurities is what keeps the water gushing out of a tap, portable and you, safe. Keeping in mind the importance of this instrument, one must buy a cartridge from a reputable company, which can ensure quality water purification and a considerable product service life.

The Ideal Filter System For The Modern-Day Kitchen

One such company which holds a great reputation in the realm of kitchen products such as filter systems, is the world renowned company, Franke.The Franke water filter system consists of a cartridge fitted inside a housing, which is placed beneath the kitchen sink. Water is made to pass through this system, which removes harmful bacteria, lead, chlorine and etc. before water comes gushing out of your taps with credible purity. Let us know about the parts of this system in some detail:

Housing: A housing protects and holds the cartridge, that is placed inside it. It acts as a point of entry and exit for the unfiltered and filtered water, respectively. Franke offers water filter housing(s) in two materials- plastic and stainless steel. Different housings are meant for different taps. For instance, the Franke first generation plastic housing comes partnered along with first generation taps and the first generation stainless steel model comes partnered along with the second generation tap model.

Cartridge: Being most essential part of any filter system, a cartridge must be efficient. Moreover, it requires to be employing materials that can purify water of a specific kind, found in a certain location. For instance, a person living in an area with highly sedimented water, requires a cartridge that can pull out large deposits of sediments. Franke cartridges are generally made up of ceramic and carbon. They come in different types that serve different needs. For instance, the Franke 05 cartridge removes chlorine, lead and hardness rendering salts from water, making it suitable for purifying hardness infested waters. Another example is that of the Franke 08 model, that is meant for filtering boiling water. The model, in addition to delivering general filtration, also prevents limescale deposit in the tap, making it ideal for people who use hot water frequently.

The modern efficacious filter systems, hold testimony to the fact that we have come a long way in the field of filtration mechanisms and Franke, with its modern products that match current needs, takes a lead in the small but very useful category of kitchen filter systems.