Realistic Tips To Reduce Office Paper Waste

September 24, 2016

Offices use paper for countless reasons; primarily to communicate, keep records, and pass around information. More often than not, the unceasing use of papers for various purposes causes an upward surge in the amount of office waste generated. So in order to align with “Going Green,” as the entire world shift focus on using eco-friendly means to meet the populace’s numerous and insatiable needs; it is extremely important to cut down costs associated with the use of various office equipment and materials.

Nevertheless, when it comes to conserving resources, preventing pollution and cutting down on office costs, reducing waste by restoring, and reusing is altogether better and efficient in addition to recycling. Waste reduction is in fact more cost-effective than recycling because it reduces the amount of material that needs to be collected, stored, transported and processed; thus saving more money for the business.

Realistic Tips To Reduce Office Paper Waste

Tips to Reduce Office Paper Waste

  • Do not print hard copies of drafts and some unimportant documents; rather save files on the computer system’s hard drive, upload on file sharing sites such as Plunder and Google drive, or email to coworkers if need be.
  • Always use both sides of paper. Reuse printer paper with a printed document on one side by manually feeding into printers or copiers for in-house documents such as drafts, meeting agendas, memos, notices and temporary signs. Also, reuse paper for doodling offhand notes.
  • Avoid printing Web pages, instead bookmark or save the page on the computer and properly name the folders for easy access.
  • Encourage the use of storage devices to save documents and to and fro file sharing among coworkers. It is best to provide memory devices to urge personnel to make it a habit.
  • Help minimize misprints by posting a diagram on how to properly load specialty paper like letterhead so it will be printed correctly on the first try.
  • Change the laser printer settings. Set double-side printing and fast draft to save toner as much as possible.
  • Pay bills using internet banking and other e–billing programs. And if possible, encourage customers to pay through these e–channels as well.
  • Practice efficient copying. Use the size reduction feature available on many copiers.
  • Use two-way or send-and-return envelopes. The outgoing company envelope gets reused for its return trip.
  • In lieu, use reusable inter- and intra-office envelopes. Also, reuse file folders by sticking a new tag over the previous one.
  • Reuse old paper for notepads. Simply cut to custom sizes and bind with a staple.
  • Buy and use paper as indicated on the printer’s manual to get quality prints; thereby avoiding reprints.
  • Purchase reliable printer cartridges to ensure that every print is at its best quality. Either buy genuine ones or less expensive replacements like an easy install compatible cartridge and diy toner refill kit. The latter is far different from the other cartridge replacements. It is a set of tools that will successfully help users to replenish empty cartridges on their own.

These tips if implemented in the entire office will definitely reduce paper waste. And there is no better time like the present to get started. It may take time to infuse these practices into the office system, but eventually it will come naturally. Start with 2 to 3 of these and then add a couple of more in the weeks to come. Get started today!