Kampung Arab Accommodation With The Lowest Starting Room Rate

August 16, 2017

When you are traveling to Kampung Arab with the limited budget, the affordable accommodation is surely one thing that you need. That is because getting the Kampung Arab accommodation will be something nice that can help you save some of your money while you are traveling or having vacation on this place. If you are looking for some of the best and affordable accommodations that will never hurt your wallet, you will need to try some of these accommodation options that you can find in Kampung Arab. That is because these accommodations below are considered as the most affordable of all that you can find.

  • The first one is Griya 18. This might not be a hotel for many people, but this one can be called as a home stay. That is because the overall design of this place is more like a house with some rooms to stay. Even though, the facilities and services that you can get from this place are good enough, especially when you consider the fact that this place offer you the starting room rate of 17 dollars a night.
  • The second one is Hotel Warta Dua. This hotel is considered as the two stars hotels that you can find around Kampung Arab. The simple looking and minimalist room design are two things that you will get from this hotel. If you are asking for the starting room rate of this hotel, you will be glad to know that this hotel has the average starting room rate of 18 dollars. That is one reason that made this hotel as one affordable hotel in Kampung Arab.
  • The third one is Amerta Home Stay Bali. Just like the name implies, you can learn that this is a home stay. Even though, you will not need to worry about the facilities and the services. That is because the facilities and the services that you can get from this home stay are equal with those you can find on the two to three stars hotels. As an addition to that, the starting room rate of this home stay is about 18 dollars only.
  • The last one is De Lemon Gatsu Hotel. Judging from the name, you can simply say that this hotel is a little bit more modern from the others. That is correct since this hotel offers you the minimalist hotel concept. As an addition, some of the facilities that you can get from this hotel are considerably nice and good for a hotel with the starting price of 20 dollars a night.

Those are some nice and affordable hotels that you can find in Kampung Arab. For your final consideration, most of those hotels are located about six to eight miles from the main sites of Kampung Arab so that you cannot say that those hotels are the closest hotels to Kampung Arab. Even though, you can make sure that those hotels are the most affordable ones that you can get when you are visiting Kampung Arab in Bali Indonesia.