Get Your Next Book At Indigo At Discounted Prices

April 23, 2015

You’re not alone if you’re glad that the digital economic revolution hasn’t yet completely steamrollered bookshops. Browsing through a list of books on a website – even if you can ‘Click Here To See Inside!’ – is a pretty dull experience compared with browsing the shelves of an actual bookshop, getting to properly check out what’s on offer before you head to the checkout and knowing you’ve got exactly what you really wanted. It’s a hard experience to replicate online, which is why, despite how big Amazon is, there are still real bookshops out there.

Get your Next Book At Indigo At Discounted Prices

Bearing that in mind, it’s a good thing when two bookshop companies merge, as Indigo and Chapters have done, as opposed to one of them going out of business altogether. They now they trade under both or either name of their old names (Indigo, Chapters or Chapters-Indigo) but they’re basically the same shop now, just with a different name over the door. One upside of this is that a Chapters-Indigo promo code will work just as well at either store.

Having just extolled the virtues of going to a bookshop in person, it’s worth admitting that sometimes online shopping is the only solution – maybe you don’t have the time or you just couldn’t find what you needed in your town’s only bookshop. If you are in this situation (or you just love online shopping), you’ll be pleased to hear that Indigo-Chapters have an online store, too, so you can buy online and still feel that you’re helping to keep the local bookshops open for when you need a quieter, calmer version of the shopping experience.

When you decide to hit up their website, you can’t go wrong going through Ebates, first, since they offer 5% cash back and a huge range of offers on top of that, including up to 95% off some items, which is just nuts. You can also get free delivery if you spend over $25, which is easy to do by accident, never mind on purpose. Books make great gifts – especially gifts from you to you – so it’s always worth getting books for basically any occasion, way beyond the usual Christmas and birthday book-buying rush. With publishing companies and booksellers all competing to get the lowest prices in an attempt to stop Amazon crushing the industry, it’s a surprisingly good time to be a voracious reader. A Chapters promo code will get you a long way towards completing your book collection, grabbing the next bestseller before the inevitable hardcover deluxe edition with the movie poster on the front comes out, or going back to the classics.

Whether you go online or instore, there are dozens of deals available to save you money, using coupons, cashback and other great deals. Most stores now have deals on shipping, and Chapters-Indigo is no exception, so you can shop online and get books to your door without paying for anything other than the books themselves, saving you time and money since you won’t be going to the shop and spending cash on gas or parking.