Flowing In the Fascinating Vibes Of Sulafest

November 29, 2015

Since the last few years, the month of February in Nashik carries a distinct charm because of its annual gala festival known as the Sulafest. Sula Vineyard, located just at the outskirts of the city, is the brain behind this exciting festival which seems like a modern way of enjoying the harvest season. Dedicated completely to music connoisseurs, Sulafest is regarded as the ‘Gourmet World Music Festival’ and has been attracting numerous visitors since its inception. To sum up, it is the most amazing festival combined with fun, food, wine and music, that you’d ever attend.

Nashik is one of the major cities of Maharashtra, famous for its heritage and culture. The city has a robust economy with several leading industries setting up their factories in the vicinity. With a pleasant climate throughout the year and a great fertile soil, Nashik is good for agro-based businesses. Known as the ‘Grape City of India’ because of its huge grape production, the city has attracted several domestic vineyards to crop up on the outskirts. Sula Vineyards is one of the most renowned names in the lot. To commemorate the art of feasting and bringing up the wine culture, it organizes Sulafest every year in the month of February. This two-day event which mostly falls on weekends, is hugely popular in the neighbouring cities like Mumbai and Pune. Reaching Nashik and finding a good accommodation is not a difficult task. Budgeted options like Oyo rooms in Nashik are highly preferred for a two-day event like this.

Flowing In the Fascinating Vibes Of Sulafest

Talking about the Sulafest, this festival promises to entice you with the most electrifying atmosphere. Performances from several artists of both national and international fame will surely take your excitement to a different notch. Swaying to the tunes under the open sky, while enjoying gourmet food and sipping some amazing wine – it all feels like heaven! Sulafest is also India’s only tent festival and you can see visitors enjoying in their camps, on the fringes of the vineyard. If you’re one of those, who intend to never miss a single moment of the festival, you can take a complete package which includes, food, wine and tents.

Apart from the musical concert, there are tons of other leisurely activities to enjoy. You can participate in the open-for-all dance party, happening in the amphitheatre with live music or can show your culinary skills in DIY barbeque challenge. The merits of visiting a vineyard is that you can see the entire system of churning out world class bottle of wine. If you want you can take part in the process as well. Art lovers are also not left behind, as you can view several art and photography exhibitions in the festival area. Fashionistas can also attend the fashion shows happening at the other end and for the shopaholics, the Sulafest Bazar provides a great opportunity to grab some exclusive goodies and local products.

If you’re planning to carry your new year delights, then attending the Sulafest becomes a must thing. Getting there isn’t much of a task and there are some really good Nashik Hotels to enjoy your stay. So what are you waiting for, go hula in Sula!