Explore The Wide Range Of Lingerie Wear

September 21, 2016

Lingerie wear is an extremely sexy outfit that women wear for sexual appeal. The good news is there are assorted varieties of lingerie available in today’s market. Every style lays emphasis on various sexy body parts of a female. Such intimate wear is manufactured from quality and comfortable material to make sure that you have a sound sleep and at the same time look erotic. Below is a list of the different styles of lingerie.

Explore The Wide Range Of Lingerie Wear

  • Teddy– Also called a Body or a Cami Knicker, this is more of a body suit. It combines both pants and a camisole into a single piece. A teddy also comes in the design of a bare back to reveal your back while its other varieties include sleep teddy, fashion top teddies, and body briefs.
  • Chemise– also called a smock or a shift, the chemise is an undergarment that is worn close and tight to the skin. A chemise is chiefly worn for keeping the outfits from getting body oils and sweat. When put on like an intimate wear for sexual appeal, indeed the gear is made to appear more expensive. It looks similar to a night shirt that is sleeveless. It falls downwards from the shoulders towards the upper thighs as well as loosely lies over a woman’s waist line. Normally such intimate wear is manufactured from silk, thus it offers a sexy and free flowing look
  • Thong– this is erotic lingerie which can be worn in both ways like a swimsuit piece and as an undergarment. A thong looks akin to a panty having a slim fit which exposes the maximum part of the loin area and the buttocks. The market today is flooded with different styles of thongs such as G-string, C string thong, V string thong, T back thong, sling thong and Cheeky thong.
  • Camisole– this is more of an intimate wear that women wear and this fits to the female’s waist. Usually it is a sleeveless top that is loosely fitted. Compared to a chemise it is shorter in length. This is held with the help of spaghetti straps and made of stain, nylon and cotton. The specialty of camisole is that it will cover the chest region and the torso. Usually it is cut low for exposing the curvature. Why not try a camisole in a bright color like sleep lingerie?
  • The blanket sleepers– this is sleeping lingerie made for the winter months. This is a single piece long blanket form of a covering which leaves the head and the hands exposed. This outfit when worn correctly, can look sexy as well as help you uphold your beautiful appearance during the cold weather
  • Kimonos– it is a robe that is worn on top of revealing forms of lingerie. Kimonos will make a female feel more comfortable, especially when she walks around with barely anything on and want something for covering herself up

So which is your type of lingerie? Check the different options and make a smart pick.