Are You Giving Yourself Back Ache?

July 25, 2017

The chair you sit in, the way you curve your back when seated, the height of the table top in relation to your arms…all of these factors determine whether your back is under strain or not.

Back pain is a reality that many of us live with in our daily lives. We put it down to the stress of everyday work, or to exercise or even to muscle fatigue. However, back pain is often the result of wrong behaviours on our part.

Are You Giving Yourself Back Ache

Are you hurting your back? You could be, if you do any or all of these things:

  • Slouching in your chair instead of resting your entire back against the back rest.
  • Walking or sitting with rounded shoulders. The shoulders must be pushed back, and the spine straight when you walk, stand or sit.
  • Sleeping flat on your back with your pillow raising your neck above your shoulder blades.
  • Sleeping on a soft mattress that curves the spine instead of resting it firmly.
  • Not adjusting the height of your chair. Ideally, the top of your computer screen should be in line with your eyes. Adjust the chair height such that your elbows rest on the table top instead of being suspended in air.
  • Not relaxing the shoulders when you sit at your desk all day, whether typing or writing. The shoulders and back ‘freeze’ in this position and become painful after a while.
  • Not bending the knees when stooping down to pick something up off the floor. This applies to picking up your child, or a bag of groceries, or clearing up the mess on the floor.
  • Not stretching the back every morning after waking up.
  • Lifting heavy weights in the gym without adequate back and hip support. Lifting heavy weights outside of your strength limit can also strain the back.
  • Suddenly twisting around to see behind your back.

There are many more daily behaviours that could strain your back and cause pain. If you notice that your back hurts a lot, especially at the close of the day, start by resting it properly. If the pain still persists after a night of rest, you might need to use a good pain relieving cream.

But not just any pain relief cream will do – you need the efficacy and quick relief that Moov back ache cream provides.

Moov the pain out of your life

Moov cream is the ultimate tool against niggling back aches that threaten to derail your mobility. You cannot let back pain rule you – you must get rid of it at the earliest before it becomes a chronic condition. Fortunately, you can rely on Moov back ache cream to see you through your back pain, in just one application.

Millions of people rely on the goodness of Moov cream to relieve their sore and painful backs. Just lie down and ask a family member to apply Moov cream on the painful area of the back. Let the cream be rubbed gently into the skin so that it is absorbed properly. Once it is absorbed into the skin, it goes straight to the source of the pain and begins to eliminate it.

Moov cream is effective in treating stiffness and pain arising from strain, sprain, stress, inflammation and soreness. It is comprised of a bevy of pain relieving ingredients like wintergreen oil, turpentine oil, eucalyptus oil and mint extracts. These substances promote cooling, numbing and pain relief in a quick formulation that goes to the painful tissues within minutes of application.