Are Mosquitoes Buzzing In Your Home?

May 24, 2017

It is never wise to allow mosquitoes a free run in your home. Mortein zaps them to oblivion – get protection today.

Mosquitoes are the biggest bane of your life. But all you need is a can of Mortein mosquito killer to protect your home and yourself from getting bitten by infection-causing mosquitoes.

As small and incongruous as the mosquito seems, it is a potent insect that can destroy your sleep and also make you really ill. It takes just one bite from an infected mosquito to make you and your loved ones susceptible to dengue or malaria. These diseases manifest themselves as high fever, chills, body ache, joint ache (in case of dengue), etc. If not treated on time, both conditions may even turn fatal.

Mosquito bites also leave behind a reddish bump on the skin (though it subsides after a while) but it may trigger an allergy in those with sensitive skin, or with pre-existing skin conditions such as eczema.

Are Mosquitoes Buzzing In Your Home

Take away breeding spots

Mosquitoes breed in stagnant fresh water. This explains why the cases of mosquito-related illnesses go up just a little after the monsoons settle in – they are able to breed in rainwater puddles, or in the shallow pools formed in old tyres, etc. If these breeding spots are removed, mosquitoes will not be able to lay eggs and hence, they cannot increase in number and harm you and your loved ones.

The first thing to do is check your own house for signs of mosquito breeding. The immediate sites are plant pots (where water may collect at the base), large steel drums and plastic buckets, water collecting in sinks, water in shallow vessels for drinking, water set aside for birds to drink, etc. These become sites for contamination and breeding, and must be removed at once. It must also be noted that the municipal authorities in most cities in India are liable to penalise you if your home is found to contain mosquito breeding spots.

Breeding spots outside your immediate home vicinity include the building society swimming pool, the roof of the water tank, an open water tank, building’s plant pots, etc.

Make your home mosquito free

Once you have ensured that all breeding spots are removed, it’s time to hunt down the mosquitoes with an instant mosquito killer. Just close the doors and windows of the home and spray Mortein Mosquito Killer in the air. It starts to work at once, and pulls out and kills lurking mosquitoes in under a minute. No other mosquito spray has such a potent effect on mosquitoes, nor such a fast-acting formulation.

Keep the doors and windows closed for up to 15 minutes after spraying the air. Now go ahead and use the space like you normally do, free from disturbance and bites from mosquitoes!