11 Tips Helps To Boost The Bed and Mattress Sale

August 24, 2015

Increase the bed and mattress sales dramatically with the comfort test.  A well planned comfort test helps in connecting with the customers; identifying their needs and gaining the precious feedback.

Some tips for the successful comfort test are:

  • Everyone has a different definition of comfort. No two customers think exactly the same and each has a different comfort preference. Always show a customer how to test a mattress and ensure him about the right one.
  • Our main job is to help the customers choose the correct mattress. In order to simplify the sale, always try to address the customer’s fear of making a mistake.
  • Display test beds to offer a choice of trying a mattress to its customers.
  • Encourage the customers to ask questions and enquire with them about the product thus giving them ample of time for decision making.
  • Always ask for the feedback by asking questions that create more involvement rather than simple yes/no.

Increase in the demand of beds and mattresses gave rise to more availability, low cost and better design. New bed models are sleeker, less bulky and are easy to personalize thereby enhancing the sleeping experience.

11 Tips Helps To Boost The Bed and Mattress Sale

Following tips helps to boost the bed and mattress sale.

  1. Create a good connection with the customers. You are not selling coffins, so don’t make this a depressing experience. Rapport is both a state and a process. The moment you stop the process that won your rapport, it can vanish in a second.
  2. Customers buy only when they are happy. So, give them a pleasant shopping experience.
  3. Display is one of the best marketing techniques to increase the sales. Showcase the best selling beds and mattresses along with all the accessories in a bedroom.
  4. Demonstration is another technique of convincing the buyers. Any salesperson doesn’t show his product; they have their customers to try them out. Do not just show the bed mattresses. Spend more quality time with the shoppers helping them in trying the products for some time.
  5. Inform your customers that you are going to follow comfort buying instead of comfort selling. The word selling has altogether a negative meaning viz: the words taxes and mortgages.
  6. Know the indication from the customer regarding the manufacturer’s specifications. Most of the buyers are not interested in knowing the specs. If a customer is interested in knowing the specs, explain them briefly using the models which your store provides.
  7. Talk about the features and benefits only when the customer likes one of your beds and mattresses displayed in the showroom. You can show the type of wood used in the bed and the sample of foam used in the mattress. In nutshell we can say that “Features tell, but benefits sell”.
  8. Offer numerous levels of price points in both beds and mattresses. Always highlight the features instead of highlighting the price. Offer at least three price ranges for the shoppers trying to make a decision. Without any knowledge of the features, customer will go for the cheapest option available. Giving more info on the various options helps them is making more informed choice.
  9. Handle price objection politely in such a way that you are able to convince the buyer.
  10. Be confident while asking for the sale. Always remember the famous saying” Confidence begets confidence”.
  11. Each customer objection should be handled as an indirect need. Always support the implied requirement. Thus, selling is a joint process, not a competitive one.

This blog has covered all the necessary information about bed and mattress sale. If you still want to know more than click here and get some more idea.